Need Help Building Your Skin Care Brand?

We pulled together some articles that will help you in your new venture. Your success is important to us. The links will take you to external websites. 

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Tips Designing Packaging

This blog can be really helpful when designing your packaging. 

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Emotional Connection

An emotionally connected customer spends more than 10 times what the average customer will spend on your brand. 

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6 Reasons to Use Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is really changing the way business is done, especially in cosmetics. It very possibly could help with your business.

Indie Products Disruptingthe Industry

Smarter more health and environmentally conscious customers are embracing this surge in indie beauty products. 

What Is Natural

Can you claim your product is natural? What does natural mean, exactly? This explains the different degrees to which a product is "Natural"

Considering Using CBD?

CBD is the latest trend in beauty products but is it worth using it as an ingredient in your brand?